Serokell is attending the Asia Blockchain & Fintech conference!

We’re excited to announce that Serokell is sponsoring and participating in the Asia Blockchain & Fintech 2018 conference in Seoul, South Korea.

ABF is a multi-day event that includes fuze 2018 (a global blockchain conference), ABF expo, world’s largest blockchain hackathon and job fair, and Korea’s first blockchain company builder. With over 20,000 participants, it’s the nexus of blockchain industry in Korea.

Our CEO Arseniy Seroka will give a fascinating presentation about future trends in blockchain and what to do to not get caught in the headlights, and we will also have a booth where attendees will be able to get awesome Serokell merchandise.

If you want to see what’s happening in the Asian blockchain market right now, make sure to follow us at @Serokell where we will report from the conference.

Serokell is a software development company focused on building innovative solutions for complex problems. Come visit us at!

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