Our gift to Cardano community

Today 2 years have passed since we started working with IOHK on Cardano. We recently parted our ways, which happened so peacefully and silently that you probably didn’t notice it. Although we have stopped working on the project directly, our love for Cardano is not extinguished. We are ready to move on.

The way we position ourselves, our future role in Cardano will be to build the infrastructure. All great technologies have only become popular when a great use for them has been found. And even though the development has been a bit passive, the great use for Cardano is right around the corner, we feel it, and want to help to find it.

This means that we have quite a few things in the store for Cardano. We will not reveal all of our projects right now, because that wouldn’t really be interesting, but we will reveal one — a gift to Cardano community for our time together. We will run a staking pool for Cardano, Hephaestus.

Hephaestus was the Greek god of fire, the god of inventors and artisans. This is exactly what we need in Cardano right now, the fire of creativity and the people who can use it. To illustrate the nature of the gift, everyone who signs up to our mailing list will get their fees lifted for the first month of staking at our pool. If you are interested, head to heph.io and sign up. Fireworks guaranteed.


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