Haskell In Production: CentralApp


Tell us about your company, your team and your own role there.

  • Backend programming and architecture
  • Ops
Ashesh Ambasta
  • Haskell and some Scala (legacy)
  • JS on the frontend (maintained by a separate team)
  • MySQL + PostgreSQL
  • Redis
  • AWS
  • S3
  • Docker + Stack for tooling (we’d like to move to Nix completely)
  • Emacs + Dante for editing
  • Tooling
  • Editor integration: the tools available are buggy or need a lot of manual configuration.
  • Documentation
  • Haskell is amazing for large systems.
  • Haskell is very much ready for production and being applied in the industry.
  • We’re a web company, we’re not doing anything super-academic with Haskell, as per its reputation goes. And Haskell is helping us run a profitable business with a backend team as small as 2 people working on what could almost be a 200k LOC codebase.
  • Haskell’s tooling, given your ability to invest in it, needs some work. But it isn’t as bad as the buzz suggests. The existence of things like Nix etc. helps this further.
CentralApp team



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