Ariadne Monthly Report (July 2018)

Over the last month, development of Ariadne has been going rather steadily.

We’ve added several widgets to the TUI version of Ariadne to improve the user experience for users who don’t want to type commands.

These are: wallet widget (supports account addition, and transaction sending to multiple addresses) and account widget (supports transaction sending, address generation and displays addresses). If you want to see the new UI in action, you can watch a demo here:

Furthermore, we’ve also added an extensive usage guide, which you can check out here:

For those of you who are waiting for a GUI version, the GUI of Ariadne is still a work in progress, but here are some preliminary designs:

We’ve also made some changes to the wallet backend to further match IOHK’s wallet specification.

Ariadne is available for download at (public alpha release) or on our Github (build from source).

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