Ariadne Monthly Report (September 2018)

This month has been an exciting one for Ariadne. Over the last month, several developers have joined our team, and we can’t wait to see what we will be able to accomplish.

For greater transparency, we have opened our issue tracker to public. If you are interested, you can come by sometimes and check out what we are doing. You can also log in with GitHub to post comments and new issues. We will add links to specific issues next to the descriptions of features added.

The technical changes done this month mostly concern making Knit commands easier, faster, and more secure to use. Knit is the backbone of Ariadne TUI, and we want to help users get accustomed with it as fast as possible.

Every action you take now using widgets in the TUI will print the Knit command associated with it to REPL. Furthermore, they will be saved in history, and you will be able to modify and repeat them via Knit if you wish. (AD-226) We’ve also been heavily working on autocompletion of Knit commands in the REPL of TUI, and that feature should be finished soon. (AD-53)

As wallets passwords are rather sensitive data, we’ve disabled the necessity to type them in Knit commands. In place of that, we’ve created a password manager that will allow us to keep the functionality of passwords without exposing them. (AD-64)

There are other changes as well. For those of you who are waiting for a graphical interface, our Qt GUI now supports the necessary functionality, such as sending and requesting transactions. (AD-278,AD-279). We have added some screenshots so you can get a preview of how it looks.

In the following months, we plan to focus on the GUI to make Ariadne more accessible to the general public on Cardano and DISCIPLINA blockchains.

We’re also working on our test suite to ensure that we have proper test coverage. (AD-167)

You can view a demo of the new features here. Ariadne is available for download at (public alpha release) or on our Github (build from source).

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