Ariadne Monthly Report (August 2018)

First off, we have exciting news regarding Ariadne and Disciplina! Disciplina is a multifunctional blockchain for education and recruiting purposes that we have been working on together with TeachMePlease, and its alpha release includes Ariadne as the wallet of choice. Our vision is for Ariadne to become a modern multi-currency wallet, and this is a considerable first step in that direction.

Most of our efforts this month were spent on refactoring. Still, we managed to make several adjustments to the TUI (scroll indicators for scrollable widgets, wallet identifiers) and do a considerable amount of work on the GUI.

You can see the TUI improvements and the GUI in action here.

During the next month, we plan to further improve the GUI and create a prototype for a two-currency wallet. We also plan to substantially improve test coverage and add autocompletion for commands in TUI.

Ariadne is available for download at (public alpha release) or on our Github (build from source).

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