How we can detect diseases like cancer and Alzheimer’s disease with ML

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Early detection of diseases associated with genetic disorders is one of the biggest concerns for modern medicine. Recent research states that people diagnosed with lung cancer at an early stage have a 57% chance to survive the next 5 years compared to the 3% survival rate of patients with diagnosed IV stage cancer. Early-stage detection of another scourge of humanity, Alzheimer’s disease, allows patients to change their lifestyles, participate in clinical trials, and treat the brain-degrading symptoms in advance, effectively prolonging their lives. …

Learn how to write code that writes code

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Usually, we think of a program as something that manipulates data to achieve some result.

But what is data?

Can we use the programs themselves as data? 🤔

In today’s article, we’ll go down the rabbit hole with the assistance of Elixir, a programming language that is permeated by metaprogramming.

What is metaprogramming?

Metaprogramming is just writing programs that manipulate programs. It’s quite a wide term that can include compilers, interpreters, and other kinds of programs.

In this article, we will focus on metaprogramming as it is done in Elixir, which involves macros and compile-time code generation.

Metaprogramming in Elixir

To understand how metaprogramming works in…

Looking to switch careers to machine learning? Look no further

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In 2021, the focus on digitalization is as strong as ever before. Machine learning and AI have helped IT leaders and global enterprises come out of the global pandemic with minimal loss. And the demand for professionals that know how to apply data science and ML techniques continues to grow.

In this post, you will find some career options that definitely will be in demand for decades to come. And there is a twist — AI has stopped being an exclusively technical field. …

Learn how parser combinators work under the hood

Someone assembling toy parts
Someone assembling toy parts
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Parser combinators are one of the most useful tools for parsing. In contrast to regular expressions, they are much more readable and maintainable, making them an excellent choice for more complex tasks.

In this article, I'll explain how parser combinators work and what they are made of. We will try to build functional parser combinators from scratch. The combinators we’ll make will be low-level and worse than what you would get with simple regex. They are just there to illustrate the point.

If you want to see parser combinators in action, I’ve written a tutorial on building a CSV parser…

Can we teach machines to see things?

Sunglasses on a laptop
Sunglasses on a laptop
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We perceive and interpret visual information from the world around us automatically. So, implementing computer vision might seem like a trivial task. But is it really that easy to artificially model a process that took millions of years to evolve?

Read this post if you want to learn more about what is behind computer vision technology and how ML engineers teach machines to see things.

What Is Computer Vision?

Computer vision is a field of artificial intelligence and machine learning that studies the technologies and tools that allow for training computers to perceive and interpret visual information from the real world.

‘Seeing’ the world…

Everything you need to get started

Female on horse
Female on horse
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Kaggle is the first place to go for anyone who studies machine learning. This interactive online platform provides hundreds of databases and tutorials that you can use to kickstart your ML career.

But what the website is the most famous for are its competitions. It can be hard for a newcomer to orient themselves in the interface and understand where to get started. So, in this post, we will get you started with your first Kaggle competition!

A Few Words About Kaggle Competitions

Kaggle competitions are machine learning tasks made by Kaggle or other companies like Google or WHO. …

Create an ML project without writing a line of code

Machine learning becomes more accessible to companies and individuals when there is less coding involved. If you are just starting your path in ML, feel free to check out these low-code and no-code platforms.

What is the difference between low-code and no-code?

You have probably heard the terms ‘low-code’ and ‘no-code’ before.

Low-code simply stands for a reduced amount of coding. A lot of elements can be simply dragged and dropped from the library. However, it is also possible to customize them by writing your own code, which gives increased flexibility.

“Computing is too important to be left to men” — Karen Spärck Jones, computer scientist (1935–2007)

Today, it is almost impossible for some people to believe that such a field as software programming was once almost exclusively a female field. What started as an unprestigious tedious profession done by women is now the field where large amounts of money circulate. As soon as programming started to be used for rocket science and became more prestigious, women were squeezed out not only from their working places but also from the history of programming. Test yourself: how many great women in computer science can you remember?

Let’s try to fix this injustice. Feel free to share the names…

Discover the dark side of artificial intelligence

Image source: author.

Today, we rely on artificial intelligence for everything. It helps us choose TV shows and make business decisions. Artificial intelligence works well with large amounts of information, optimizes processes, detects fraud, and creates new drugs. But from an ethical standpoint, AI poses more questions than it answers.

What problems keep AI experts up at night? Let’s find out.

10 Ethical AI Issues

We will not talk about how creating artificial intelligence systems is challenging from a technical point of view. This is also an issue, but of a different kind.

I would like to focus on ethical issues in AI, that is, those related…

Let’s learn about one of the popular ML algorithms

Various beverages on a table
Various beverages on a table
Photo by Pritesh Sudra on Unsplash.

When you start learning about artificial intelligence, one of the first things that you encounter is Naive Bayes. Why are Naive Bayes classifiers so fundamental to AI and ML? Let’s find out.

Uncertainty and Probability in Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence has to operate with data that, in many cases, is big but incomplete. Just like humans, the computer has to take risks and think about the future that is not certain.

Uncertainty is hard to bear for human beings. But in machine learning, there are certain algorithms that help to find your way around this limitation. …


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